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Tar & Chip Driveway

We had a very long rough and rocky driveway that had never been paved. F&H took the time to look at our concerns with us and assured we were satisfied prior to moving forward. Bottom line - they gave us a quality job at a reasonable price!

– Ben P. - Marshall, VA

If you are looking for the durability of asphalt but want the look of stone, tar & chip is the way to go!

F&H Paving is able to supply you with many different colors of stone to match your surroundings. This option is growing in popularity based on the options available and the cost savings.

Benefits of a Tar & Chip Driveway

  • Costs less than asphalt!
  • Virtually Maintenance-free
  • Protects Underlying Pavement
  • Increased Traction
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Extremely Durable
  • Excellent Weather Proofing
  • Seals Small Cracks and Imperfections
  • Restores Weathered Surfaces

After the prep work is completed (grading, site prep, etc.) a coat of liquid asphalt is applied to the existing surface. This is accomplished carefully in order to apply a consistent amount that is heated to the right temperature.

After the liquid asphalt is applied, a crushed chip stone is spread out on top of the surface. The color of stone varies based on your preference.  The stone adheres to the hot liquid asphalt, then a roller is used to integrate the stone into the tar. This process is repeated if necessary based on the project.

If you are interested in a tar & chip driveway, please click here to contact us for a free estimate.