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Commercial - Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to the construction and paving of asphalt parking lots, nobody does a better job than F & H Paving! We ensure customer satisfaction through good communication with our clients, provide competitive pricing, and most importantly, a quality parking lot made with integrity.

It starts with a free evaluation and estimate from one of our professionals. Every parking lot is different and presents its own challenges - we will discuss options with you that are within your budget and provide a resonable timeframe estimate as well. There are two categories in which parking lots will be divided into, new construction and existing parking lots. F&H has a wealth of experience dealing with both, and can help guide you in the best direction for your parking lot project.

New Construction

Withnew construction projects, F&H provides two major services for our client, the installation of a solid base and asphalt. Based on the owner’s requirements, our skilled crew members and specialized equipment allows us to meet or exceed the plans and specifications set forth by the engineer. As everybody knows, completing a project on-time and under budget is critical in today’s market. We will work diligently with the General Contractor/Owner to ensure all of the above are met through effective communication and mutual respect.

Parking Lot Paving & Repairs (existing)

The paving of existing parking lots present their own unique challenges that only specialized paving contractors can execute properly. No matter what the size, our team will conduct a thorough visit to evaluate the issues you may be facing with your parking lot. Over time, failures in the pavement will occur, and we'll meet with you to discuss the best plan of action. Issues that receive pavment repair early when the troubles are found can help save major repair costs in the long run.

Common methods of parking lot repair include asphalt patching, seal coating or a parking lot overlay. If your parking lot has isolated areas that need pavement repair but is in overall good shape, you most likely only need patching. For an oxidized or dull looking parking lot, a seal coat can go a long way and provide additional protection. Finally, a parking lot that needs a lot of repairs will most likely require an overlay, which consists of installing a new layer(s) of asphalt over the existing pavement.

F&H Paving will communicate with you the best options for completing the work that needs to be done, based on the situation at hand. We can plan our work around a schedule that works best for your business, and we also discuss any drainage issues to ensure the parking lot will not retain water upon completion. Nothing is worse than having a new parking lot with a lake in the middle after it rains!
F&H Paving is your full-service commercial parking lot contractor, so if you’re wanting a new parking lot or want to refresh the one you have, give us a call!